DOB: March 2004, OFA Good, eye CERF Normal,
19", 43 lbs, scissor bite, full dentition
Nineveh Honors Corrie Tinboom STDs
Tinboom is an all around athlete!  Her puppies are doing well in agility, obedience, and stock work.
loves to work stock and has a strong work ethic.  We don't have a pen that can hold her if we
go out to work stock without her.  I actually have to crate her.  Her athletic ability is amazing!  With no
formal training, her natural instinct and ability on stock has allowed her to be a handy chore dog.  She
has a natural sense of balance and rate.  She works all 3 stock here. Her disposition, instinct, athletic
ability, & intelligence are seen in her very versatile offspring.  Unfortunately, no one takes pictures of
us at chore time and I have no working pictures of her yet.  As you can see she loves the kids and is
very tolerant of them.  She is reserved with strangers, but not aggressive and gets along well with
other dogs.  Other than escaping a pen at will, she is an easy dog to live and travel with.  Tinboom
(Tennie) is a wonderful family dog, chore dog, and has produced some phenomenal puppies!
Past Pups by Tinboom
Brothers, Thor and Joe are
full siblings from the first two
Ready and Tinboom litters.
Owned and loved by the
Split, Guinness, & our
Chigger are by Tinboom and
Cut'n Loose Mi-T-Tuff
Thank you to Kyle R. for
the incredible photos
Chris has done a wonderful job with
Split and we are so proud of their
accomplishments in agility.  They make
and incredible team!  

"Split is uncanny at reading my body
language. She can blast around a short
course better than a lot of the seasoned
dogs can, and fast, I mean FAST!!"
Nineveh all the Talk @ Muddyfeet STDds DNA-VP
is owned, trained, and trialed by Amanda at Muddy
Feet Aussies.  Sired by our Ready.
by Tinboom and Ready
"Sister can jump like a mountain goat
so I know agility is going to be easy for
her.  She is a pleaser too.  I really like
how friendly she is to all people."
of Litter by Ready X Tinboom
Tanner is owned and loved
by the Rumney's in CA.   
He is out of the 2009 litter
by Ready.
by Ready & Tinboom