For more information on this amazing breed, I have found that the
Shara Kennel's site very useful.
Pronounced  (Shar-pla-nee-natz).   Our Zara is THE most incredible guardian dog I could have ever hoped for!  
She is a gift from God.  Thank you so much to Dee Shouse for sharing her with us.  She stepped onto our place at
15 months old and immediately took to our whole family and guarding our sheep and goats.   Zara & Lazarus are
registered with UKC (United Kennel Club).  Zara's hips have been tested with OFA and are Good.  Although hip
dysplasia is not prevalent in the breed, I wanted to check for peace of mind.   

Lazarus at 8 months old

Due to format of UKC papers, we will retain papers if purchasing without breeding rights.  
To release papers & breeding rights, the difference price must be paid.  
Special consideration to working guardian homes.
Lazarus at 10 months