All of our dogs have good dispositions and are wonderful family dogs & working companions.  Their hips and
elbows are OFA tested, eyes CERF tested, & we have begun DNA testing for hereditary diseases.  We strive to
produce puppies that will live a long, healthy, and happy lives.  The puppies are socialized daily and raised around
our children.   Each cross is bred to produce QUALITY all-around Aussie pups!
 According to the breed standard,
Aussies are reserved with strangers and protective of their home & family.  The
buyer will need to continue to
socialize and expose their puppy to many different people, places, and situations to
ensure it grows into a well adjusted adult.
Full payment for the puppy including shipping is required before the puppy goes to his/her new home.  Because of
price increases by the airlines, most shipping in the US is now $400 (subject to change if airlines increase price)  and
includes the vet check/health papers, crate, & plane ticket.    Microchip, fecal test, additional vaccinations, eye
exams, etc. can be added at buyers  expense.  A charge of $4 per day will be added for those puppies staying here
after 9 wks of age unless other arrangements have been made (typically for those shipping internationally).

Our puppies are on Royal Canin Medium Puppy food and will come with a puppy kit from Pro Plan.  The puppies
will be current on worming and vaccinations.   Tails & dew claws are typically done at 3-4 days old (for those who
would like to keep the tail intact, payment for the puppy must be made before 3 days of age).  Puppies will be
available for pick up at 7 wks and will ship at 9 wks.  Our vet is Patti Maness, D.V.M at 405-387-5005 if you have
questions about the health of our dogs or puppies.

We require the use of our ASCA registered kennel name, "Nineveh".  "LIMITED" registration refers to a pup with no
breeding rights, & "
FULL" registration refers to a pup with breeding rights.  UPDATE!  As of 10/17/2014 All
puppies will be marked "NOT FOR BREEDING" on their registration paperwork.  To have the breeding rights
released, the buyer must have paid the full price for breeding rights which is now $1,200.  Then, at age two, the said
dog must have cleared an eye CERF exam,  have an OFA Fair or above hip rating and Normal elbow rating, and have
DNA testing for anything they may be a carrier for.  Once testing is completed, I will pay to have breeding rights
released with AKC and ASCA.   Our sires and dams are now DNA tested before breeding.
Call or write for more information

Wayne & Beth DeLozier
Nineveh Aussies
Lexington, OK 73089

(405) 740-9218 cell
Aussie Puppies
If you would like to send a payment through PayPal,
simply send payment to my email address.  Be advised that Paypal does charge a small fee (approx. 3%) that
buyer will be responsible for
ASCA & AKC litter born Jan. 6, 2018

Nineveh's Sharp Shooter STDs  (Oakley)
WTCH Hullabaloo Beau Billy By U HRDIIIs HTADIIIs (Billy)
(HOF WTCH Choctaw Frisky Inspirator RTDcs RD x HOF WTCH W Lazy J U Betcha)

VIDEO of Billy's first time on cattle
VIDEO of Oakley sorting sheep out of the horses then bringing them in

Oakley has been a wonderful Jr's dog for him on stock as well as in rally and showmanship.  She is very
instinctive, quiet, and natural.  Joshua and Oakley have learned to work together on our place while doing
chores.   They competed at ASCA Nationals this year in Working Jr Handling and Rally.  Oakley is out of
WTCH W Lazy J Cowpuncher, which is an outcross with our bloodlines.  Punch is a talented and proven
sire and ranch dog with a pedigree of working ranch dogs as well.  Joshua will be keeping a pup for his
next stockdog.

Billy belongs to Ms. Dana MacKenzie.  Billy is her chore dog on her ranch as well as a WTCH.  Billy has
a great disposition as well and is clear with OFA and DNA.  Most people in the working Aussie world
know and respect Ms. Dana.   Those who have seen Billy trial and do chores at home admire his ability.

Reservations have started.
Pet prices will be $800 for solid males and $1,000 for merles (unless otherwise
.  If you are interested in being on the list, please text or call 1-405-740-9218
Bandit - Black Bi Male
2 Red Males
Wrangler -
Blue Merle Male

2 Red Merle Males
Joshua will have his pick of the females.  They will be closer to 6 weeks of age before final picks are made.
ASCA & AKC Litter born Jan. 23, 2018
Nineveh's Ready 2 Scout OTDc STDsd
(HOF WTCH Starstuff Rapture Ready x Nineveh's 1 Tuff Chigger STDs)
Nineveh's Boaz
(HOF Cut'n Loose Hondo STDcs x Wonder Hill's Trick Rider STDs)
Scout has been my main chore dog for years.  She very much wants to please and is my dog.  She will
grip a head or heel when I ask her to, but she is not an alligator.   She is a wonderful family dog and
working companion.  Most of the time she is very sweet with everyone, but does not accept strangers
when she has a litter.  In her limited trialing, she has received 2 Most Promising Started awards and her
Open Cattle title.  At home she works sheep with lambs, tough goats, and cattle.  Anyone who knows me
knows that I don't spend a lot of time training.  My dogs have to have a good amount of natural instinct
to make up for my lack of training time.  My dogs must be able to read stock, naturally group, balance,
and fetch.  "Get Back" and "Here" are about my only commands, but we get the chores done.

I kept Boaz because of how well his siblings turned out from the first Tricks and Hondo cross.  They
have excelled in stock work and agility.  Unfortunately, my busy life has left no training time for Boaz.  
Genetically, he has a great pedigree, he is OFA Excellent, and cleared by parentage on all genetic DNA
testing.  Jamie Burns did a similar cross in the past and has stated she liked the way they have turned out.

Pet prices range from $800-$1,000.  The waiting list has started.  If intersted in a pup, text or call
Black bi Male
Patrick Henry
Benjamin Franklin
Red Merle Male
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
Blue Merle Male
Blue Merle Male
Short Go