Past Puppies

Guinness is out of Tinboom
pictures were taken by her
person, Kyle R.

Kyle's parents later bought
Renny who is out of our
Chigger and Ready.
Ready & Tinboom
asked for a better
family pet

by Ready &

by Ready & Tinboom
"Split is uncanny at
reading my body
language. She can blast
around a short course
better than a lot of the
seasoned dogs can,
and fast, I mean FAST!!"


Scanner is exactly
what I wanted and
needed.  He has
obedience training
and excelled.  He
just passed his
canine good citizen
test.  He has so many
Duke was my faithful
tractor riding companion
during our corn planting
season, he helped me plant
over 350 acres!!!!  

"Sister can jump like
a mountain goat so I
know agility is going
to be easy for her.  
She is a pleaser too.  I
really like is how
friendly she is to all

They are really good dogs. We
love them dearly!  More and
more they are paying attention
to signals and trying to predict
my next move with the cattle as
each day they get to move them
from pen to pen and work for
me.  And, as always, Kasey still
plays, wrestles and runs with
the both of them. They play
rough together and the dogs
have never offered to bite at
him, just love him.  One thing
you might find funny, though
is one day we had some adult
friends over and they were
playing with Kasey.  Well, this
one guy jumped out and acted
like he was going to get Kasey
and Zip leaped in between
them and growled at the man
and held him back (who he
didn't really know very well).  
I love knowing he wants to
protect Kasey!  
by Ready &

by Ready and Easy owned by
Kathy of IL

Keyloh and Gary Ericsson

by Ruth and Ready     He
is owned by   Nicole K. in
Germany who has said,
"Blue makes so great fun.
He has a natural balance
that`s amazing.
Then he fetched the
sheep very easily. Always
trying to keep them
in a herd.

Nineveh's Goin Out
Like Elijah,