Wayne & Beth DeLozier
Lexington, OK
(405) 740-9218
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For Sale
5 year old male - neutered

He LOVES to play fetch and will even play basketball or soccer!!!   His past owner was a young man
and he would prefer a man be his next owner.  He tolerates other people, but I do not trust him with
children.  He has been an indoor dog and travels well.  He has basic obedience and will no
ANYTHING for a ball.  

His siblings are all stockdogs.  He has potential to work stock, but is not trained.  We are looking for
just the right home for him.  If you are interested in meeting him, please call or text 405-740-9218  I
will not ship him.  You will need to meet him in person to determine if you are a good fit for him.  
Video also available.