Nineveh Ranch is now home to Working Australian Shepherds, Dappled Boer Goats, and
Sarplaninac livestock guardian dogs.

We plan to add the Shar's and Boer goats to our site soon.
 If you are interested in one of these amazing
guarding dogs, we plan to have a litter around Feb 2015.
Many updates to come!

With our Nineveh Aussies, it is our goal to
preserve the natural working instinct that has made the Australian Shepherd America's favorite working
companion.   A sound mind and structure are fundamental requirements in our breeding program, as well as
great dispositions .  We strive to produce quality stock dogs that can make a hand in any setting.  Whether you
are running large cattle ranches, dairies, or just need help with daily chores, we believe the right stock dog can
prove to be invaluable.  We stand behind our dogs.   All of our dogs are OFA'd and eyes CERF'd.   Our
Aussies are intelligent loyal working companions that make a great addition to our family.  Their merit is not
based on their color or markings, but on their ability and talent.  Like the Quarter Horse, Aussies are athletic
and versatile.  Our Aussies also excel in agility, obedience, and therapy.
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Nineveh  Ranch
Wayne & Beth
Tuttle, Oklahoma
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Nicole Knor
Nicole Knor
We would like to announce our first WTCH (working trial champion)!
We are so proud of Ray and the work that he has done with Case!

WTCH Nineveh Case Dozer at Rockin F RTDcs RD RN
owned, trained, and handled by Ray Fryar